Mt Doug Class Of '55 Blog

October 24/2004

It has been a while since we all agreed that it was a great idea to get to-gether for our 50 Th,Respose has been great ...not one "NO"so it's time to contact every one to set the" Stage"so to speak First of all the Date........June the 3-4-5/2005 , ..if we can get half dozen idea,s etc and then choose one..Dance,boat cruise,supper only,minigolf tourney on Sunday,BBQ at "old Mt Doug tail gate style ,invite 54...56..grads to party etc.

Gerry Reimer would like to host a get to-gether on the Friday night so if I could ask Nibby to call him and agree to that,if we all agree....Mile's could I ask you to drop a note to those who do not have E-Mail to advise of Date and ask same questions .I think if we get most of the details out of the way before Xmas it would be best

Bye for now.......Don.

November 1/2004

This is just an idea that I have been throwing around and talking with the Oak Bay Marine Group As we are all 'retired' more or less, why do we need to do this on a week-end? Ferry travel is much cheaper on week-days and no hassle I contacted the OBMG and they are putting to-gether some thoughts for the week of the 6th of June, with costs for going to Painters lodge in Campbell River for two nights, with welcome on first night, breakfast, trip to Quadra Island for lunch at April Point then a banquet type dinner on second night and breakfast the next morning. There are spa facilities, fishing, whatever.....I will have full slate in a couple of days. As we got to-gether 10 years ago and did the usual I thought this might be more exciting since it is fifty years ago and we need a treat also it would be more exciting for our spouses and friends to do something like this. It will be a bit more expensive but it is only once and we can collect pop cans over Christmas!

Let me know Valerie

November 2/2004

With a quick look over the proposal it appears we are looking at about $500-$600 per couple for best part of three days with banquet and maybe welcoming reception would depend on meals etc. etc. It is going to cost money just to get here and some folks will take a motel or whatever to stay in Victoria This could be so much fun and if folk wanted to do all the extras they could or not. We really can't afford it but want to be counted in - only 50th reunion once. Valerie

November 5/2004

Diane Melville here. Your plan sounds great, but I'm still mulling over what to do.I'd like an evening thing although weather permitting a picnic of some sort would be nice. What about Mt Doug Park? That was my old hide out. I spent more time clinging to the sides of that mountain than doing homework!

By for now Diane Melville.

November 22/2004

Hi Val and all........sorry for the delay,.Painters Lodge sounds great however the cost to those from out of town i.e Toronto,Prince George etc might be excessive,perhaps we can get a reply from those who travel the furthest....keeping it close to the "scene of the crime" namely Victoria might be best.........Val and I personally have no problems with the Lodge,however lets hear from all you out there............please take a moment and let Dave,Val and I what idea's you have.if we can get 5-6 and then send out a list for all to review.Does any one know if John Lowther is in Town,Mr Jones? they both were there 10 years ago...would they like to attend. I spoke with Gerry Reimer yesterday and he had heard from Bob Noble and it is a definite yes for Friday at his place..........he says he has a big back yard and if we were to start early enough we could spend time out doors there Friday afternoon.BBQ?..........lets hear from all..........

Regards for now.........Don

January 9/2005

Joanne Grier wrote: Happy New Year from me also, everyone. I hope you're all healthy and doing well. The ideas that have come forth are all good. However, my leanings are toward the picnic in Mount Douglas Park out of the ones that have been mentioned so far The park brings back many happy memories for me. It has been quite a long time since I have visited Victoria so it might even be fun to go on a tour of all the popular sights. (Do I hear people groaning?)

I think I mentioned that my eldest son is helping me drive to Victoria and because he is a teacher he will have to be back in Prince George on the Sunday so I don't think I'll be able to attend too many events. It will make me happy if there is enough time just to get reacquainted with all of you again. Fifty years is a loooong time. Bye for now, hope to talk to you again. Joanne.

January 20/2005

Hi Dave, Tom Gordon here....Great job on the website, it really is a blast to look at the old pictures. Say, how come you and I don't look any older, but the other guys seem to look a little "more mature".

The BBQ idea sounds like fun..Virginia and I would go for a golf day. Perhaps some of the others might like to play the par 3 out at Cordova Bay, or perhaps even the main course.

Perhaps the answer is to have 2 or 3 suggestions and those wishing to participate can choose in advance, so that reservations can be arranged. Perhaps some might like to go an the whale-watch trip out of the inner harbour...Take care..Looking forward to seeing all in June.......Tom

January 26/2005

Hi Val .Thanks for the fast reply...I like the idea of a Brunch and perhaps a 9 hole round of golf at Arbutus.Yes ,please get some idea of cost and we can circulate to all....Please call Bob Noble re the Harbour Dinner Cruise as he may have called some places already.The get to-gather at Gerry's on Friday ,a Dinner Cruise on the Saturday and a Brunch/Golf game at Arbutus on the Sunday sounds great to me, ...however ,what does every one else think??????,time we heard from some of you others!!!!!!!!,plus have you all sent a couple of before and after pictures plus a bit of a (what have I done in 50 years paragraph or two)to Dave Allen ????.Please do as soon as possible ,it very good of Dave to put all the effort in to a keepsake booklet,however he can not do it with out all our input.......hope this note finds all in good Health,surviving the Rain and Rain and Rain..........Regards Don

January 27/2005

Hi to all"Class fo 55"...The idea of a Cocktail Cruise would fit our group nicely.Depending upon the final # of people ,and how much food and beverages we consume it could be in the range of $100 apiece...not that bad!..considering this is # 50.What does every one else think???? take a moment,drop me or Dave or Val a quick note.We really need to some more input from all !!!!!!!.any idea of some thing not yet's going to be hard to satisfy all however majority will rule. Don't forget the pictures for Dave along with a short Bio..........hoping to hear from all soon..........Regards Don

February 2/2005

Hi All, I'm sending a picture of Keith at the Grade 9 party.

The girls group picture looks like everyone was either in Grade 10 or 11. I can't remember the names of the two girls in the fore' front but I'm sure the rest of you will remember.Janet Fracey & Isabelle are sitting on the car. Also, I'm including a picture of me and my 'Motley Crew.' It was taken in 2002. Hope all is well with everyone. Thanks Dave. Joanne

February 2/2005

Most of the votes are in, and it going to be a "Cocktail Cruise" on the Saturday night.The "cocktail Cruise" can accommodate up to 46 people so the Supper Cruise (only held 26 ) is out...........Dave Allan is going to try and get us in to the Old Mt.Doug on the Friday so we can walk those "hollowed"" hall's once again, for those who have not been back in 50 years. ...........So the week- end will start at about 2;30 on Friday,gathering on the Front steps of OUR 3 P.M. when school is out we hopefully will have a walk through..........then on to Gerry Reimers for a B.B.Q. and Drinks....Saturday , say 5;30 meet at the Oak Bay Marina to board the Cruise. Sunday we are looking into Maddocks Farms where they have a Tea House for a brunch and a small 9 hole golf Course for those interested.(The idea of up Island at Arbutus was suggested by Val however some have said it is too far and some will not have a vehicle.).Hope that is fine with all.........................Dave is doing an excellent job on the 50th year book ,however he still has not heard from everyone,please take a moment to send an old picture and a current one plus a small Bio of your past 50 years..go to the web site and see what others have done and said.....................Now we must get some serious commitments............we will need to make a large deposit for the Boat Cocktail Party............ The Boat,including the onboard food ,as well as the steaks etc at Gerry's.should run to about $100 per head ...(By the way the evening at Gerry and Shirley's is a BYOB).............I have set up a "War Chest" to cover most of the cost and would ask you now to send to my Home address a cheque for $100 per Head attending. I hope this will cover 90% or better of total costs,Sunday you will be on your own money wise at the Brunch...................any concerns or questions please give me a quick call or note , looking forward to seeing all in June.........Regards Don

February 4/2005

Hi! Don and Val

How the heck are you two? Great picture of you two with the Grandchild!

Thank you for the email note today. It looks like you, Gerry, Dave Allan and others have spent considerable time and effort on this historical event. ItÕs about time yours truly got off his backside and pitched in to help. What can I do to help? Fran & I will help in anyway we can. Miles