Grade 11..... 1953-54
Back Row: Don Hamilton, Marg Mcpherson, Alf Adrian, Pat Rogers, Eric Badminton, Val Gould, Tom Gordon
Third Row: Bryan Heyd, Maye Lum, Larry Blake, Gill Upward, Keith Lawrence, Ellen Gibson, Bob Noble
Second Row: Miles Primrose, Barb Singleton, Ian Hall, Diane Johnson, Gerry Reimer, Isabelle Leggett, Dave Allan
Front Row: Sandra Lee, Ina Ranson, Ron Lee, Joanne Grier, Mabel Lum

photo courtesy: GerryReimer

Douglas House 1951/52

(Click on the small images and a large one will open in a new window. When you are finished close the window and you will be back.) I have not attempted to name everyone in the picture. The teacher's were Jim Muir, the Vice-Principal, and Marion Sampson. Bob Skillings is holding the slate. Behind him is Hank Lum and behind him is Gerry Bell who was a fellow Principal in the Greater Victoria School District with me for many years. There are many stories and memories here, especially, when they are put into the context of what has happened in the more than 50 years since the picture was taken.

Fraser House 1953

This 1953 photo of Fraser House is provided for us by Gerry Reimer who stands next to Merle Emery in the third row. The teacher's are Alan Jones, who attended our 40th reunion and Mr. Brown of Operetta fame. Who can forget Don Hamilton's performance as Gub, the Pirate in the school's 1955. epic... a star was born. Norm Lidstone is holding the slate and seated next to him is Joanne Grier. Val Gould and Ina Ranson flank Dave Spilsbury in the back row. What memories does this picture provoke in you?

Skeena House 1951/52

This 1952 photo of Skeena House is provided for us by Don Hamilton who is seated next to Maynard Savery on the other side of the slate sits John Herbert. The teachers are, the Principal, Eric Forster and Mary Francis. Maynard's good friend Bob Genn, who drew the Douglasaurus and designed the Panorama cover stands in the third row just below Alf Adrian. Something seems to have amused Bob Dovey who sits just behind Don. Next to Mary Francis are Joan Sutherland and Bob Noble. I bet all of us will be able to identify most of the others and begin to associate old memories with them.Dave